Princess tea party

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Blessing prayer: Father we pray that today when we gather here together
to celebrate Life, and the simple pleasure of Company. You Join us, Guide us, and let Us feel your presence today and in every step we walk from today on, thanks Lord

Topic: Princess tea party

Come In, Welcome!!
I receive you today with a Tea Party!
Come, have some Peppermint Tea, Coconut macaroons and Almond cookies
It’s time for You!
So Relax!

Peppermint Tea
Coconut macaroons
Almond cookies

A Princess Royalty Party, To share!

If you need Support lean on, We share amongst girlfriends, Discussing life challenges, then we dance all night!! Any movement will do, Just Move! Let’s dance!

Song # 1 : “You Say” by Lauren Daigle

listen to music above

Anecdote: In my vision board poster I have an inspirational quote saying:
“I don’t need to marry a Prince when I am the daughter of a King”

So this next Song Reminds us We are Daughters of God Mighty King, Powerful and Strong!

Song # 2: Arrebato by Nancy Amancio (This second one is Spanish though; but anyways I will tell you what is all about and you can still dance it out )
-this song reminds us we have the power to overcome and take back all that is ours because God made us his daughter and that none messes with God’s children

listen to music above

There are persons for companionship, 
But then there Are friends who are more loyal than family 

Bible Scripture:  Proverbs 18:24

It’s often you feel alone, defeated against this deep pain and emptiness
You think you have no one, no friends,
And you think no one understands your pain.
You feel alienated.
But you don’t have to feel lonely;
you have a source of peace that is there to grasp when you want to.
Just mention his name: JESUS
and he fills you up
He will breath into you his Love…

Song# 3-“Nobody but Jesus” by Casting Crowns

So let’s dance the night away…Keep on dancing don’t give up!!
If we already cried our sufferings together (but only if necessary please) …then lets dance now !!

listen to music above

Now try this: Have some spicy chocolate squares , Then go a second round of Bubbly Carbonated Water with lime and lots lots of ice, Pair it with cream cheese and turkey sandwiches . To restore our burned calories 🙂

chocolate squares
Bubbly Carbonated Water with lime and lots lots of ice
cream cheese and turkey sandwiches

Praise to the Lord with your songs and happiness!

And keep on dancing!!

 They should praise him with dancing. 
They should sing praises to him with tambourines and harps.

Psalm 149:3 (NCV)

Song : “Raise a Hallelujah” by Bethel Music/Victory

listen to music above

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