Where was the idea of “Social Fridays” born?

“Social Friday’s” it’s a bohemia for women to share strategies  and stories on how to get fulfilling strategic monthly goals while enjoying  food and drinks.

When my mom was raising me in Puerto Rico …It used to be… that only men had the privilege of going out to social clubs on Fridays… often leaving the hard working wife at home longing for the fun too. My mother longed for being in the social action too…She wanted to feel loved. She wanted the unconditional attention.

In her mind the work she did as house wife, Mother, house administrator, cook, laundry, house cleaning, chauffer and errand delivery boy was not appreciated as good enough of praise. Back in the times it may have seen like the women did not deserve an end of the week party for a job well done.

… And by the way She was the Best at all of these jobs… I have not met a woman who can compare to what she did in all of these roles she held. She even went back to work as a hard working nurse to top it all off in case it was not enough to the eyes of others…Even worse …the truth was that what would have constituted a party for her back then, was just enjoying the time with the love or her life, laughing and talking…it did not even had to be a big social club party-

As a matter of fact I look back to those days where she would have been longing for true love and contentment. One thing she did not truly get to know back then, was to have a personal relationship with God as companionship. It would have given her not only solace, but true Happiness and peace thru Jesus and his Holy Spirit …always, not only in moments of need.

Beach in Puerto Rico with Mangrooves

“Social Fridays” was born for you who desperately need to have a fun party to celebrate a weekly job well done

but also desperately need to feel unconditional love- no matter if you have accomplished or not

 just for the fact that you are beautiful and a perfect creation of God.

So often times when creating new topics…I look back and try to imagine what would cheer my young hard working mom up and make her Friday a memorable time of Fun; empowering her to deal with the weekly struggles.

As an act of love towards her and as gratitude for all she did for me while growing up I create “Social Fridays” so that women all over the world feel appreciated, loved and empowered